Lights, Camera, ACTION!

I only fall in love when I watch movies these days… Hollywood gave me standards outside of realism, but I don’t live in the real world…

I want my life to be like the movies. All over the world, fast cars, intelligent and charismatic dialect and beautiful women. Everywhere you look, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny women. I want my life to be written for me, the right thing to say at the right time, every time, a complete lack of fear, knowing that if I fuck up, I simply scream “CUT!” and I can start all over again.

But life isn’t like a movie, in fact it isn’t even like the bloopers. Life is like the press, a whole lot of hype, a whole of mistakes and everyone running around paying attention to the small insignificant shit that doesn’t matter. Seeing only what ‘they’ want us to see and allowing it to crush us into self-deprecating, insecure little sheep who sit down, shut up and do as we’re told.

I want my life to be like a movie and I can’t accept that it can’t be! I’m charismatic, I’m funny, I’m loving and I care but I lack one thing. I lack ego. I lack self-love. To want the best for yourself and to think that you can have it is one thing, but to KNOW that you DESERVE it and to accept nothing else is another entirely. In a society that condemns self love and ego, it is little wonder that those who demonstrate it attract into their lives that which everybody else simply dreams of.

I want the beautiful girl, the one I fall in love with over and over, every day, every morning I roll over and look into her eyes. I want that Hollywood connection. BUT, until I love me, I can never truly love her.

Until I know, without a shadow of a doubt that I am worthy, she will elude me. So I set my sights within, I set my sights on self development and honing my message. When my message to the world is clear and sharp, the camera will begin recording  in full HD and my movie will be made.

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Write your story, hone your message, film your movie,